March 27, 2006

You can't get enough

You can't get enough of the truth. You can't get enough of the good weather, the tasty morsels, the delicious feeling of salty air on your skin when visiting the ocean. You can't get enough of anything it seems. Even when you have enough it's not enough for long. You get bolder, older and your tastes become refined. You go from wanting the lino floor to the tile floor even though the only thing that happens on that floor is that your friends come over and miss the toilet after a few beers. Who the fuck wants new tile just so some lazy shooter can squirt on it? Can you answer me that? That's what I thought.
This incredible push towards unending materialism is disturbing. Yes I love my gadgets and have in the past gone deep into debt to get what I wanted...but did I really want it? What drove me to those compulsions?
This year has been a year of clean up. I want what's mine back, my time, my money and my diginty. Being in debt causes such tremendous strain on people. For someone to casually say "Oh I have 10k in debt but it's no big deal" (no my debt was not that large). What a ridiculous comment. What a ridiculous mindest. 10k? 10k is the 1/3 average earning of someone my age in north america. To be in debt 1/3 of what you earn means that you have years, not months, not weeks of overtime...but years to pay it off. Young people (I say this because I talk to many in my place of employment) have no clue. 100$ handbags and 2 packs of smokes per day and they complain when they can't pay off their account. No shit...mommy isn't giving you the free ride anymore? Welcome to life as most of us know it.
We have a huge problem in north america...where that problem will surface will probably start in the housing market but the end effect will be a total recession.

What do you do to stay on top?

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