April 06, 2006

dig it


I dig where this guy is coming from. It's not often enough that we can be reminded of our fallen dreams, interests and desires. It's never too late to pick them up again either. Like playing the guitar, you used to love it but now for one reason or another put it on the shelf, skip the beers with the boss, or the dinner with the office folks. Stop for a moment and block some time out to remember what used to center you. It may be poetry, reading or something more physical like working out or hiking some mountains.

It's critical to knowing yourself (and no one fully does) that you maintain the sense of balance in your life that it requires. Not what you consciously think it requires while being inundated with 30 commercials that slowly dissect your psychology and rebuild it with a material need instinct....no, conscious thought is often your enemy. It's what’s underneath...take some time and think about what you really wanted. What did you want when you were 10? Is it the same now? 15? 18? 34? Take a trip back to innocent dreams and maybe pursue them again. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish if you are in tune with yourself.

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