November 17, 2006



I just spent 2hrs writing what I thought was a thought provoking blog only to have IE7 (the piece of shit browser) shut down on me when it requested that I allow to open a new window to do the spell checking. Well how wicked of a program is that? Never before on firefox or previously on opera have I ever lost an entire page of data do to program stupidity.

Like everything, if you continue to build on top of mistakes you still haven't fully corrected how will your product "excellent". The only way to fix this shit is to scrap the original garbage and to create something from scratch using what you learned but not what you used before.

That's similar to life. If you have made a mistake and haven't taken the time to fix it, all you're doing is building on a broken platform.

The only way to fix this system we're in is to shut it down. Keep downloading, keep pirating. Buy the products that you feel you need to. DON'T buy any Microsoft products as you can download them all and they all suck. No one like s a bully

Use as many free products as you can. Support those who are being tromped on by big business. What happened to the electric car? We've been misled and deceived. The concepts of forward thinking and progression are simply spoken words. Forward thinkers know this. This isn't forward thinking, this reality we live in. Where the mighty dollar is more powerful than the human spirit, where charity has to be thought about, where selfishness has become the acceptable "modern person".

I know I was onto Microsoft but now I'm ranting. When did it become about the "me"? What about us? These people who don't want to get married, want to live at home, don't want to have kids because their just having so much fucking fun scraping by one day at a time playing material person. What would bring more joy into your life? New shoes, a good career or a family who loves you? Feminism ruined the family unit. Now women think they have to meet that goal of being a professional woman before they think of family. The roles have become grey and hazy. What does the man do? What does the man do who wants the traditional family? Can anyone run a one income household anymore without making 100K+? Not in Calgary they can't. And who let it happen? We did...from building on top of mistakes made in the past.

Movements that change the world are fantastic. However you go ahead and look at this movement and you will find that the labour gap and knowledge shortage once our parents start passing away is going to be the end of North America as we know it. Not enough people will ever move here, not enough will ever see the big picture. Daily livers I think they should be called. They're like an alcoholic who drinks even though he knows it's killing him. We've been trained like monkeys one step at a time into a thought process that goes against human nature. The daily life of the "modern person" is nothing like the model of humanity. Nothing says modern living more than daily stress and we're getting more stressed as time moves along. Quicker access, more convenience, at your fingers tips service...does anyone feel better? Do you have more time? More money? More life?

We're re-enacting a mistake we made to follow this modern thought process everyday we wake up and go to work and ignore our own instincts. Am I going to stop...reality says my mortgage won't let me. Will I start thinking more about how to detach myself from this rat race and find my groove that my senses tell me is correct...will do. Maybe the idea of North America is the problem.

Anyone hiring a student of life out there? ;)

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