January 22, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho...it's off into the madness of snowy Rogers Pass we go!!! "Holy Shit Sharkman...are we sure we want to go?" "What's the worst that can happen man?"

My sister lives in Seattle (why why why the US? well...I don't ask and she will never tell!)! I wanted to go see her over the xmas break but just couldn't find the time and she was working her ass off...I guess the yanks don't like to take time off. Shopping shopping shopping!!! (we'll get into that subject another time)
So I get a window of opportunity to pop down and pay her a visit. Now there were two reasons to visit...1. Because I love the kid! 2. !!!!!! !
Yesssirrrieee!! Lovesac baby! I saw these things online and thought...I COULD make something like this...but I won't. So I bought one. The Supersac (why start small)!! And here is the story of the Lovesac coming home.

Firstly I'd like to say happy bday to the shorty! I know it's early....I know I said I'd come down on your birthday...but I love you anyway and I wish you a happy bday punk! ;)

So we headed out on this road trip on friday morning. I'm always up for a day off work without a doubt. Pick Sahba up at the ungodly time of 6:15 and the fuckers still in his underwear. "I thought you'd call" LOL...so we have a laugh and jump in the Altima and hit the road. Gas is cheap in Calgary man...any cry babies out there just give it a rest. It's no yankee gas but I'll tell you how f'd up that shit is in a minute.
The decision was to head through Spokane or through the mountains on the #1. When the question was put to me, even after my dad suggested the snoqualie would be better...I couldn't do it. Madness down there. Like the end of fear and loathing where he speaks about timothy Leary's fatal flaw in the trip, selling consciousness expansion for $3 a hit without putting thought into what happens when they come down, and there is no one there but the grim reality. (LOL)
So anyway we hit the highway and decide it's best to stay in Canada for more reasons than just that. Have some laughs and about Golden the weather starts turning a bit nasty. It was clear but snowy at the Lake but not like this (really wish I had of taken my camera). So we meander at a snails pace through the golden twisties and head forward to Revelstoke. Head forward because Golden was 97.9 for gas...damn robbery!!
We cruise through the Rogers pass with ease even though the conditions were ass. I should mention I'm not much of a driver or at least I didn't used to be. But I drove the whole way and wasn't even tired...it was a bit bizarre.
After Revelstoke we pass this diner that I love. I ate there during a motorcycle trip and it really is the best damn breakfast in the province. About 30min west of Revelstoke by the Esso.
Then we come upon all this stopped traffic....*insert groan here*. One thing that happened that I didn't know was that my dad has called (I hate cell phone reliability) and told me that the pass was ugly. It was...but after the pass was worse. So this truck is rolling down the line of 20 or so cars and telling people what's up. He get's to us and tell us the pass will be open at a moderate confidence level for 3:30. Shit...should we cancel the trip? What if it doesn't open? Either or it means we don't get to Seattle tonight so that means the trip is only 1 night and 24 hrs of driving in between...ok we stay. ;) So we head to Tim H's and get some donuts, crash out in the car for an hour. I should mention that the city of Revelstoke was buried in snow. Above your boot in the parking lot never mind anywhere that hadn't been walked/driven on. My car was going like mad kicking up the roosters when I was man handling it through the sludge. Road crews were in full effect though, that was one reason we chose the #1...those snoqualie boys are shady with the removal and your road companions can't drive worth shit in snow.
So after crashing, eating and drinking some hot chocolate we headed back to the line. 5:00...F&$^ 5:00?? ok...we wait, what the hell...we're driving in the dark now anyway now matter if we go home or stay.
5:00 rolls around and presto...we're on. The road was closed due to an avalanche on the highway. Now you know Sahba is from somewhere else when that bastard looks at me with his persian eyes and says "If this was my car I'd have just gone at 3:00 and beaten the road crew." You think about that for a minute...really think and then smile and be THANKFUL he doesn't have a car.
So the road is shit...shit ass even if you will. But the Altima keeps rolling and we keep laughing and staying alert. The #5 was without complication aside from Sahba telling me he was going to pee in the seat a little to relive the stress of having to go so bad.
We stop in Abbotsford and coming off of winter hell....into fog hell...and then into rain hell. It was raining so hard by Hope I was thinking I wasn't even going to have to wash my car after the gunk we just drove through prior to this. Not quite so...but it sure looked better in the morning than it did at 6:00 the night before.
Abbotsford is cool, we left there happy in our travels and headed through the border.
Now I have been hassled well not hassled but questioned more at the border then I'd like. I'm not a bad guy...but maybe it's the hair. So this time it was me, Sahba who is Iranian and an itinerary of a 1 night stay and 24hrs of driving through shit weather. Questionable? I thought so...so did the big mean ass US border guard...but they didn't hassle us and let us on by.
Freeway madness...to see the kid at her place of work. Wicked optical shop in a little mall in one of the million and fifty communities that aren't seattle but are part of it? I'm glad Calgary isn't that big yet...it's hard on you to drive with so many damn people!
So we walk into the shop and holy shmoly does shorty look Amazing!! AMMMMMMMAAZZINNG! All matching and fancy. It's so wicked to see her at that level with that style and all. I guess it's just really nice to see her grown up and taking life as it comes. She's had a few punches that landed pretty hard and I'm sure there were some jabs that knocked the wind out of her that I don't know about....but all in all she's never quit fighting. More people need to take note of that! Her new man Kirk is a funny decent guy. I hope he can keep up but most of all I hope she doesn't slow down. If he's the right dude it will work out with her not having to compromise herself again.
Hang out for a bit with her and then head into Auburn to see Kirk and head downtown to walk around.
Now I hate the traffic, I hate the rudeness (although if you ever go to Safeway in Auburn there is a lady there who was subject to growing up around Benny Hill...she's nice and she obviously likes canadians. I said please and she said "Well now I know you'll not from around here now...be easy on us americans with all that kindness...it was justifying in a way) ( I suppose that could have been a whole paragraph on it's own)
I was saying...the traffic , the rudeness and the bullshit suck. But the water, the tree's the inner city communities...that is what makes that city great. It's never where you live, well not never but usually not where you live that rocks it's always somewhere else.
So we spent the afternoon strolling the open market, pike st and Sahba and I took turns pointing out little Japanese tourist women that I could have easily tied up and stolen or just plain ravaged. Ooohh err did I say that?
The Market down there is fabulous!! Baked goods, open seafood, fresh flowers and Sahba bought some blueberry vinegar and goodies. The summer down there will be great...can't wait to visit again.
Eventually the kid was off work and was on her way to meet us, we watched a guy panic after thinking he lost the key's to his mustang, got asked for change so a brotha cold buy some beer (his words not mine). Then he saw the rootbeer!!(yeah the link sucks, get over it). It was hilarious "Aw man, you cats got a thing for rootbeer or som'n?" I replied "We can't get that in Canada" "Aw you're from Canada? Far out, hey you don't have rootbeer in CANADA? *mumble" "No man we HAVE rootbeer...just not that kind"
It made us all laugh while killing time in Kirks kick ass 71 Volvo.
So the kid shows up and we we walk down and chow at the CRAB POT!! OH YEAH! I missed it last time I was there in oct but this time made up for it! The shark and I shared the Alaskan which was the King Crab and goodies. I think I ate about 7/10 of it!!
Afterwards we gazed at expensive furntiure, commented at how insaen the homeless population is down there compared to calgary and then headed home.
Now the rootbeer is a trip because I buy about 100$ worth when I go. This time between the 2 of us it came to 127$ us bucks. Vanilla Cream is now my favourite but the rootbeer is deadly always. There appears to be better after checking out the last results form some 2001 root-off some nutbars had. But they always double take at the border when I tell them that, this time was no exception.
So we ate, we laughed and then I didn't sleep a fucking wink. Not sure why...just laid there drifting. Woke up at 6:00 and was on the road by 6:30 with some presents for the kids friend and other assorted papers in hand.
However this is where the lovesac comes into play...so while I take some pictures and get ready to tell you the rest of my story...have a good night! Get ready for, the EAGLE, the energy drink, SAHBA driving and all that good stuff!

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