January 03, 2007

I dig Keith, he's got good things to say about a nation that is running around causing more problems than it has ever solved.

Why is it that main stream media seems to focus on those things that are unimportant? Why do we (or at least some of you) trust them so much? Is no one aware that in 2000 two Fox News employees attempted to expose Monsanto and their genetically modified foods. Fox news told them to re-write the story to sound more positive. They refused and were terminated for it. They sued Fox and Fox won in the supreme court because "There is no FCC regulation in place that requires entertainment networks to verify or prove the facts that are being relayed to the public." This means that because CNN is hosted on an "entertainment" network they don't have any real reason to tell you the truth. Now of course if they went around going against the public grain and saying all sorts of blatant lies then they would be taken to task in some way. However what they are really for is to promote the news that the people want to hear. You had a whole whack of republicans that didn't want to hear anything but anti-democrat sentiment, terrorism and a glossy truth of "if we stay America, we stay correct"- Fox news was created.
So what is Media? What are daily news events? Why don't they focus on the community snow angels or the celebrations of the world? Why? We don't want to see them...who wants to see that stuff. We've been so indoctrinated by "action" that it's unsettling to watch happiness in news format.
Turn off your TV, read a book about history, stop thinking everything will be ok if you just sleep a little longer.
Like everything days run shorter the older you get. You only have a small window in your short life to get the picture, wash the glass and don't wait for the sunshine...get out there and get wet.
To preserve the freedom
of the human mind then
and freedom of the press,
every spirit should be ready
to devote itself to martyrdom.

June 18, 1799

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