February 28, 2007

WTC and the BS surrounding it!!!

BBC reports WTC7 falling 20+ minutes before the official FEMA time!

CNN does the same only precedes the collapse (or demolition as we all know it was) by nearly 1hr

And the BBC responds with the worst possible response they could dream up. What are they thinking?I could go on and on about this and how ridiculous the entire thing is...but really do I need to?

1. Who told the reporter to say that wtc7 was on it's way down when it wasn't?
2. Why did Larry S (owner of the WTC buildings) say "pull it" which is an industry term for a controlled demolition?
3. What skyscraper in any part of the world has collapsed due to fire? In fact none have...in fact no steel skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire. Shortly after 9/11 the Windsor building in Madrid caught fire and burned for over 10 hours torching the entire building. In the morning when the smoke cleared literally the building was still standing gutted to the core. But somehow you are supposed to believe that the strongest most well built skyscaper in the world collapsed after a few hours after not having fire anywhere but on a few floors? And that the impact of the planes created the structural flaw? But didn't the designer of the WTC's compare a plane hitting them to be the same as poking a spidersweb with a pencil?

Just remember...they can spin the WTC 1&2 lines and until someone comes up with some decent evidence against them it's simply a conspiracy. However there is no evidence or reason for WTC7 to have fallen...so until they come up with reasonable evidence as to why it fell...they pulled it to the ground. Which leads to the question why?

Then of course at the end of the day...like most things, the truth is confusing. So BBC...why don't you still have those original tapes? A mistake? One of the most important media events in our lifetime? Bet you still have the footage of the cop killing the "suspected" terrorist in the London Tube don't you! ;) See...we always knew you were evil! If the BBC was truly following this policy it has in place for media it would not have lost the original footage of 9/11 and the events surrounding it.

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