April 23, 2007

Click the picture...it's you against the world

As I said before...environmentalism is a good thing, global warming panic is not. Look at me, I'm a low waste producing individual. I don't own more than one car, I take city transit to and from work everyday. I do minimum driving for the most part unless I take road trips. I recycle (metal, glass, paper and plastic) (which this test doesn't talk about), I compost....i do what I can. Yet in the new climate of global warming "If everyone lived like me we'd need 4.1 earths to live on!!" boooga....booga! I did my dad's estimation based on what I know about how much he drives, the size of his house and the rest of the questions. Well people...we'd need 15 planets. Boooga...boooga.
So what then are we going to do about it? Will we raise the rest of worlds living standard to meet ours and along the way find the ability to co-exist with this earth we still don't even understand? Or will a bunch of politicians hum and haw and allow big business to control the flow of consumer demand for a new way of thinking in regards to successful, sustainable habitation.
Global warming is a sideshow, a consumer affairs special. Buy your soaps, your hybrids, your band aid solutions. Why aren't steel homes certified? How come hay insulation isn't more widespread? Why can only the grotesquely rich afford to be "off the grid". Why isn't "off the grid" the norm?

Anyway...as for this test, it's warped. What do you think?

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