June 21, 2007

More ranting about corporate bullshit and of course the theme of the week...water.

I'm going to link to The Assimilate Negro for this next rant. I dig this guy’s site, he's well written and his ideas are coherent. Plus he seems like he's been around the block, the industry and life so it's a good read. I don't like this video though. Again we have a multi billion dollar industry promoting things that you just don't need. Firstly Coke's water is tap water. Aquafina? Coke? Yep...this is vitamin tap water folks. You know...for those poor ghetto kids that look up to 50cent as a role model, a career choice. Those folks who were disadvantaged back in the 50's and are still disadvantaged now. So coke contacts 50 and 50 says "Fuck yeah...I'm a rich mother fucker with diamonds all up in my face and a grill and an entourage and all sorts of other rich bitch shit. I would gladly promote your product." So this dude makes his millions on the sponsorship deal. Never mind the fact that he looks like a goof bouncing around in front of an orchestra. Any real musician (classical) with a sense of integrity would have stabbed Mr. "you can't play that thing" violinist in the eye with his bow. I mean shit...metallica was bad enough never mind this. 50 get's a black eye from me for promoting this crap.

Someone should slap a "corporate whore" bumper sticker on his ride just to make a point.


Anonymous said...

Hey whiner.. i'm doing my part to up your count. ;)

Srsly, did you know that dasani is calgary water? Someone told me that once... they were even reputable, I just forget the name. (My brain is full, you see.) Anyhow, regular glenmore reservoir water, filtered five times. So, if I ran my tap water through a brita five times = Dasani.

As for 50cent. No musical integrity anyhow, so it's not like I expect much. Perhaps you haven't noticed (cough.cough.) but mainstream music is all about the marketing and pizazz and very little to do with talent. (OMG did you see Idol last night?!)
- NH

Anonymous said...



Delete your mainstream media bookmarks.

Who wants corporate coordinated "blackouts" on real news?

If you like what you see, please spread the message.

Have a nice day :-)

P.S. Keep in mind that if you have your own blog on MySpace, that Rupert Murdoch owns MySpace and he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

You've done it now Danger Dan!!!