September 04, 2007


I'm almost at 300 visitors now. It seemed like only yesterday I was just barely at 100. Is it a big deal? No...but I thought I'd mention it.

Todays post will contain a few links.

The first - free games! For those non-gamers I recommend the Rayman series. Good fun. I'm not sure how the in game advertising will affect game play. When you create your account (must be a registered ubisoft user) just say you're from the US and all will be good.

The second - WTF?? If you have a doberman you bought it for a reason. If you trained it well then it will behave just as well as any other dog without fear of it savagely attacking the neighbourhood children. LIke the statement at the bottom says - dressing your dog like this will cause it to bite you. Dressing anything like this will cause it to bite you.

The third - While everyone likes "moving on" I thought I should post a couple of articles that shows that there are some people who can't move on. There are some people who have been left behind with no chances to move on. These people were left behind by a gov't that spun a lie big enough to cause a world war (that is what this is, it spans the globe, it's a world war). The liars that created the false evidence won't even take a minute to look at the false "recovery" that they so joyously pump. The same thing has been going on for two years now . It's sickening, as sickening as Indian Reserves, as sickening as right wing losers who say things like "We gave them a chance and they ruined it"

Just sick.

Be good to each time around is all you have to make it right.

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