December 19, 2007

Xmas rant

Christmas history.

I read an article that talked about this video clip put together by the Arch Bishop Somebody from somewhere in Australia. He's decided to make a public statement about the impact of advertising on young children.

Not only is it great to see a leader of something talk about one of the most impacting things that affects each of us every day. The focus is in the right place as well. He doesn't choose a random plea of "Stop all this god damn advertising" (wouldn't that be ironic given the speaker?). He takes a look around him and realizes that it's out of control. Not only have "they" stolen anything to do with being a kid and turned it into "be a cooler kid with this brand name shit on your feet" or whatever the particular ad is focused on. They've also seeped into the school's...the very place that turns the most wonderful beings into something totally different. You either make it or you don't in school, it wasn't hard enough back in the inkwell days of innocence (before my time), In my days it was Kangaroos, that fox symbol, what jeans you were wearing and were they rolled up in those gay fashions we all regret (at least most of us do). It was hard then but it is different least I think so. Those companies that make money off understanding the best way to sell goods ,they have re-defined themselves over's now the "Power Aid Vitamin Water" for those who fail to see that purchasing health in a sugar substitute drink is only acceptable after you've given up on understanding food and the affects of it, along with the "Long lasting colourful beautiful girl" who's trying to look like the woman and only succeeding to eliminate the boundaries that are naturally created by age and gender. Therefore feeling like a failure because she isn't that woman, she's not being treated like it nor does she have the successful feeling she should when she is it. Throw on a sprinkle of food preservatives from the "Sponsored by Knorr eating up our stomach with fake ass food because we're too cheap to supply your kids with even the most basic nutrients." - ugh...just ranting..ugh ugh.

You get the picture. Believe in the godly portion of the message or not. I would rather believe we are all apart of something living and breathing right now and we have to take care of each other. No one is coming to save us, there is no rescue or back up plan. We create what we are and we are what we create. Self sufficient and alone so far, one planet one life force. Speaking of force and "the force" specifically...this kid has been into the chocolate bars and cola for sure.

Anyway...should we be laughing at that kid? ;)

Merry xmas

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Anonymous said...

If he wants to post a video of himself on youtube for the world to see for his 15 min of fame then yes we should be laughing at him.

Merry Christmas!!!

You've done it now Danger Dan!!!