February 16, 2011

2010.....the year of the rubber news

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's been a seriously long time since I have done anything with this blog. To be honest 2010 passed by without so much as a blip or blurp on my radar. I disappointingly made most of my posts on facebook as it just seemed to be easier than logging in. It's not a bad thing however I also posted more junk than I normally would have, negative unproductive junk for the most part. Not that my outlook on corporate media, government affairs or much else has changed. It's just that the ease and convenience and the deception of having an audience, maybe one that even cares, is too easy to fall into a pattern of read, post move on. Not that many people comment on the blog but the hope is that if someone likes what i post they will, or doesn't like it...I'm easy like that. And I guess I get enough FB feedback, I just want to return to a non-zuckerberg style of information. Not that  Google-blog is any better...either or you don't even own the words you type!

This year was the year of denial for most corners of the world. Canada fell into denial like we had some sort of spell cast over us by our "highly regulated banking system". For some reason Canadians decided to show the world that "Yes we can consume endlessly" and in one year we racked up serious debt per person. CBC reported in December that 1/10 households could not hold their mortgage if interest rates rose more than 1.5%. Yes most of my time is focused on the american economy. Canadian markets are where I invest but since we still have something like 70+% of our gnp going south, what they do is what we need to watch.

So we saw gold sore to record heights over the course of the year, silver reaching it's best levels in something like 25yrs. Recently the cnd buck made parity, unemployment as reported by the media is down and self employment is up. Sounds pretty darn good as long as you don't look too far into it.

 I'm embarking on a new adventure!!! 

 On this journey I will be experiencing first hand the things I had been kind-of-sort-of writing about on this blog.

 So stay tuned for more on the road political updates as I roll through your town and check out the situation!


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