February 25, 2011

Don't look now.....

Alberta banking on oilsands in budget

In the oil patch, Alberta hopes to ride the next wave of prosperity

Alberta budget will be ‘practical, not too flashy

Wow wow and wow...what can you say. Are we suckers for punishment or are we really that short sighted. Banking on oil? Is that not what caused the deficit in the first place? Instead of following the budget they started spending like animals during the peak periods...and then continue spending like animals, “period” saying stupid bullsh!t like "Oil will come back". But high oil crushed us...if this oil sustains its high, the crushing will be more crushing than the last crushing by a massive amounts of crush!! Canadians have moved further into debt, 1/4 of homeowners would face difficulty with a 1% shift in interest rates 3% would spell disaster. (I think it's less than 1% for anyone who bought in 2007). More new cars have been sold since the collapse of 2008 than expected, that means that people are still continuing to sustain their debt levels, not reduce the overall debt or duration. Perhaps for some they can justify this, I know fundamentally that you can cut a car 10 ways till Tuesday, you can argue about warranty, piece of mind and comfort.. buying a new car is not a smart move no matter how mechanically deficient or cash rich you are. I always welcome a debate around that topic! I heard a girl on the train the other day passing off the advice of leasing a car as the best way to boost your credit. Wow...

So we move into a new budget year, money is tight in all regions of this corrupt gov't. A little more dickery and the wild rose will stream into power without even breathing hard. I am not sure how I feel about that...on one hand we have some hard social decisions to make regarding the why and the how of alberta (and greater canada) and on the other...they are even crazier than this band of thieves.

People however will shift to the firmest hand in times of depression and difficulty. We have seen it in all areas...and we will probably see it here if the economy cannot sustain this price of oil (which it can't)

There are a lot of things that will impact Alberta’s future but the one that I believe to be the greatest is the structuring of funding for school regarding English as a second language. Currently we have a system that brings people in through open doors yet shuts them down after a mere 32months of language training (give or take...each student is a little different). You might say...that's awfully generous of us! And it is...on the surface. But laying in wait for us is this horrible monster of social assistance dependant citizens. People are receiving just enough english to make them feel much better about their chances in Canada and they end up being the cleaners, the service employees, low pay low gain low opportunity jobs. The doctor driving a cab or the engineer working at Bee Clean. Why? The english requirement for integration and success is so difficult to achieve in some areas that we have set them up for failure before they even stepped foot on our soil. Our policies of marking skilled immigrants on their cash and education background and not on their ability to integrate, which require language skills, has left us with a population that is eating our own tail. The more profiled we are as a province the more people want to move here, the greater the strain on social service the bigger the drag on the debt load and economy, the more decisions are made to trim fat, the more fat trimmed the less services, less services = less English, less English = less chances...and so on and so forth

Eventually we will see a US style problem where they have more promised in social services than they can afford, no one will get it but they will continue to fake it until a solution is found...a solution won't be found so collapse will ensue and then the process starts over again with a new gov't telling new lies with the same results. Each year the value of services becomes a little less and the taxes become a little more and the strain becomes a little greater

Chances of change?

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