November 29, 2006

Ever feel like shit?

Do you? Do you ever just run out of gas? Do you ever live with a regret so strong that it starts to hamper the rest of your life? Isn't it fair to say that a regret that goes unfulfilled whether it be good or bad in it's outcome could be the worst burden to carry with you? The what if.

We've all had the what if moment. What if it could have been like this? or if I had of done that? Or not have done that? You get the picture. I'm living a what if right now. Can't seem to put my finger on what the if is...but I know something is wrong and if I can figure it out I can actually confornt this what if that's dogging me.

So if you feel your "what if"...let it know that you know what it is you just aren't ready to confront it yet and put it either behind you or in front of you. Because if you were ready to confront it...then it wouldn't be a "what if" anymore.

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You've done it now Danger Dan!!!