November 30, 2006

It just gets worse

The company will have to hire part-time and temporary workers to make sure that does not happen, sources said. Those workers will receive a starting wage of $18.50 an hour and no benefits. Ford says the average wage for permanent hourly employees is $31.64 an hour
Posted Nov 29, 2006 08:03 AM PSTCategory: ECONOMY

Translation: FORD just succeeded in getting rid of the union workers and replacing them with low-wage workers with no benefits.
This is contrary to the policy that Henry Ford himself followed when he started the company. He understood that his workers were also his customers and that making an industrial society meant that companies had to keep wages up to create a population able to purchase the products being made.
Driving wages downward to make the products cheaper sounds good, until you realize that with every company doing the same thing, workers won;t have the surplus funds to purchase newer products and the customer base dries up.


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