May 24, 2007


Yeah that's right...I've been watching some old episodes of the A Team. Cheesy, nostaglic but damn funny let me tell you.

A quote from Hannibal Smith that I should follow more often in life - said in an irish accent (it was the episode and it was extra cheesy) "Tis far better to make a hasty retreat, than a bad stand"

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Anonymous said...

a- i'm awfully sorry about all of the loss you've endured this year in your family.

b - when i was in SF, i went to this house party and these two friends of my friend drove me back to my hotel after. the car we drove in was a supernew honda and i felt like we were driving in the FUTURE. spaceship console! okay, anyhow, it had a built in gps and we were talking about the annoying voices and the dude who owned the car (randy) said that you could now download a gps voice thang that was in the voice of MISTAH T! wouldn't that be awesome!

'i pity tha fool who turned left instead of right'

'turn right, sucka!'

ok, it would be annoying after awhile, but it would be good for a few months of hilarity and not wanting to do anything but drive. too bad the car wasn't electric, huh? ;)

- N.

You've done it now Danger Dan!!!