June 18, 2007

Global Warming: Do We Actually Know the Causes?: The Cold Truth About Greenland

Global Warming: Do We Actually Know the Causes?: The Cold Truth About Greenland

I enjoyed this article. The bunk "popular" science of global warming is out of control. It's those same people who by into the doomsday assessment of the climate that buy bottled water, smoke cigarettes, drive their old cars and talk about making change but don't. You can't solve this issue by buying products. Even if the company has gone out of their way to create a bio friendly product, buying it is not the solution. We're so material that we believe we can buy our way out of every crisis we have. People are starving "Buy them food", a gov't is disagreeing with our north american policies of isolate and rape "buy them opposition"!
Bottled water is like the american attempt to assist africans. Don't provide good clean drinking water from an infrastructure stand point...fuck no. Instead create an industry that provides unregulated drinking water. To the tune of billions we have sold our very right to clean water to soft drink companies who now tell us what is best for us to drink. Water with vitamins? what that fuck are you talking about!! Water with vitamins? The same company who pillages under developed countries and takes advantage of their cheap labour and low environmental awareness is now selling you vitamins?
With articles like this (and yes I realize I am picking on coke...but they are the largest drink manufacturer to the best of my knowledge)

How could you trust them at all to have your best interest at heart never mind your health?

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