June 11, 2007

Russia's in the house!

The days news in regards to Bush and Putin and their new war of words.

first the laughs -- http://images1.americanprogress.org/il80web20037/ThinkProgress/2006/putinbush.320.240.mov

Then the slant

The neutral

The indie with a religious look

The transcript of Putins press conference. They are long but they are forward and interesting.


Rumours suggesting that Russia should no longer be a member of the G8 continue to circulate. They say that your country is moving away from the values of liberal democracy, has been unable to improve its record in terms of political freedom, transparency, the development of human rights, and so forth. People are saying that part of the Russian economy has moved away from the principles of free economy and is now back in the hands of the state. According to this point of view, your country might no longer be considered as belonging to the ranks of industrialised countries that make up the G8.

How do you respond to such assertions?


I would say that this is the usual stupidity
............... A follow up here. Also take note of the globe and mail had an interview here where they play the fear card.

All in all...I think this talk is going to land the US in some deep shit as they forget to focus on their own flock of countries they have imperialistically conquered whether it be through military of economic means.

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